Electronic Data Interchange and Data Processing

Since EDI is regularly characterized as the immediate PC to-PC trade of standard business frames, it plainly requires a business procedure. Since the key thought included is the trading of reports that enable a business application to occur without human mediation, data handling is plainly essential for application preparing. Data correspondence is then fundamental for the trade to happen. It is the wedding of these three trains that permits the “paperless exchanging” that includes EDI advances.

Other than the three vocation trains that are inside to the association, three different issues are essential for EDI exchanging to happen: institutionalization of organizations, security, and esteem included systems (VANs).

2.1 Looking nearer at EDI

EDI is ordinarily characterized as the immediate PC to-PC trade of standard business shapes. The key thought included is the trading of archives that enable a business application to happen without human mediation. The capacity to send business archives between machines rearranges and expedites the business procedure itself. Numerous organizations pick EDI as a quick, reasonable, and safe technique for sending buy orders, demands for citations, citations, solicitations, installments, and other much of the time utilized business archives.

Regularly today one will see the term EC/electronic data interchange (EC/EDI). This term has developed from putting EDI under the (EC) umbrella, EC being the expansive perspective of electronic exchanging. EDI is characterized as the interprocess (PC application to PC application) correspondence of business data in an institutionalized electronic frame. EC incorporates EDI, yet perceives the requirement for relational (human to human) correspondences, the exchange of funds, and the sharing of basic databases as extra exercises that guide in the effective lead of business. By joining an extensive variety of advancements, EC is significantly more extensive than EDI. In any case, the focal point of this archive in on EDI, not EC.

2.2 Comparing EDI and fax

Likenesses exist amongst EDI and fax in that both utilize phones lines and both can go from PC to PC (Sawabini, 1995). There are particular contrasts in any case. Fax is fundamentally paper based and requires a human interface. Fax receipts are not for the most part worthy to applications. Fax machines acknowledge nonstandard data configurations, and anything that can be checked can be faxed, while EDI requires standard message organizes between exchanging accomplices.

2.3 Comparing EDI and email

Similitudes additionally exist between email and EDI. Both go from PC to PC and both utilize an electronic letter drop. In any case, three of the four contrasts recorded for EDI versus fax likewise apply to EDI versus email: email message design isn’t standard, email requires human interface, and email isn’t worthy to applications.

3. Data preparing and EDI

One of the innovative fields required to execute EDI is data handling. Data preparing permits the EDI activity to take data that is inhabitant in a client application and change that data into a configuration that is unmistakable to all other client applications that have an enthusiasm for utilizing the data. In the EDI condition, data preparing will deal with both active and approaching data.


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